Sunday, September 16

Spring cleaning~

Weee~ it's almost 5am and I'm gonna spring clean my blog.
Delete this. Delete that.
*donk donk donk*
It's another day gone.

From 167 posts to only 71 posts. hahaha. i did a good job in spring cleaning.
p.s: there might be a possibility i may stop blogging for sometime.
or stop blogging at all here.

Saturday, September 15


Had already started the preparations for Halloween Night.
Just a few hours ago, we started doing the tickets.
A lot of thanks to Shawn, Gregory, Wanyi, Shirping-jie, Michelle-jie, YJ and him for helping out!
We managed to hand-make 200++ tickets. But we still have around 30-40 to go!
I might be a little bit busy these few days.

Timetable quite pack for this month. Having a lot of things to do.. just because it's a short semester.
Anyway, good luck to Ahxuan for her finals~ ^^
And TL.. i know you can do it! You can overcome all those obstacles!!!

I love you guys a lot!!!

Monday, September 10

Week 2

Sigh. So everything is back to the same old boring-tired-stressed days.
I have no mood to write much today.
It's been very tiring, mentally and physically.
I couldn't really understand some feelings that I have lately.
I wish there is something I could do for my parents.
Save them from boredom perhaps? hahahha. =P

anyway, i will be back soon. =)

[ memories, are so sweet sometimes ]

Tuesday, August 28


Remember that day when you sat there alone on the couch, seriously regretting the things you had done.
But then, you remember, people had talked against your opinion, tried their very best to stop you from doing stupid things, yet you shoved them away. You shoved them away like how you crumpled up papers and then throw it in the trashcan. And give the trashcan a kick on the way out.
Oh. I'd been there. Regretting every single bit of my decision.
Regretting those things that I'd done just to make another person happy.
Yes. Yes. I admit my faults.

But you see, those are the stupid things that made my life up. Those are the stupid things that made me grow to who I am now.
Those are the stupid things I gained experience from, learned from and batched myself up to be a better person.
We do these 'stupid things' all along in our lives. We made this mistakes randomly. yes. Randomly.
Like how the rain just suddenly falls when you didn't prepare a umbrella. Or when you turned around the corner you bumped into someone who had a cup of coffee in their hand and it poured right down on you, ruining your new dress that your boyfriend bought for you. It happens randomly.
And it makes you to be more careful so that you will watch where you are going.

oh yea it obvious i'm trying to convince myself that it's all experience. haha. hypocrite.

Sunday, August 26



Monday, August 20


For love we sing, for sickness we cure,
For mistakes we forgive,
For pain, we'll endure,
For future, we continue to live.
For differences, we mustn't jeer,
As long as there's hope,
we'll learn to live with no fear.

2 years ago, out of nowhere, this came out from my mind.
Time to time, problems arise.
No matter how bad it seems to be, i'll always try to think from the bright side.
I still know that there's time to compensate my wrong-doings.
Trying my best, to make a difference.

Saturday, August 18

Too much to say

i have so many things to say..
till i don't really know where to start.
all the emotions jumbled up.
how i wish i can help.
how i wish i am there to help.
how i wish i know how to help..

[ take care ya. don't make mom worry.. ]

Sunday, August 12

Another long day

She sighed. She had her monologue said out loud to herself.
Nobody could hear her anyway.
She peeped out the window and stared outside, wondering how would the day end?
Would he be back tonight?
Or it's another lonesome night.. She wondered, pondered, sighed.
It was good to hear her phone rang. At least he's thinking of her.
Yet, her spirits were already soaked and dampened by the rain today.
She couldn't regain her usual self.
'Okay', 'Oh', was all she could reply in the messages.
She doesn't feel like talking.

She's saved, temporarily by her honey-pie.

And when she got back in her small, cozy room. Her monologues came popping out of nowhere and haunted her day.

It's almost midnight. The seconds ticked away slowly.
She misses him. She needs some encouragement.
Oh. She's grabbing her hair. She's trying her best to study.

She's down, she's tired, she could see her "so-not-me-at-all" face in the mirror.
A call, a reminder of how blur she is from a friend.... and Honey-Pie
saves her day..

[ back to business! ]

Saturday, August 11

They were bored.

She walked across the car park with her friend.
They were laughing and talking all away.
The wind blew and it was a cold morning.
There weren't any stars in the dark blue sky.
Not even a single one.
The only source of light is the piercing lights shining from Bistro.
It's almost dawn.
Yet, they were still laughing and gossiping away.
Suddenly she asked

"eh. 7-11 still open ar?"

[ baka question~ ]

Friday, August 10

If I could turn back time

Haha! Topic discussed with TL.
It's great to have him around during this time.
[ suppose to be studying but he gave me a few things to laugh about! ^^ ]

TL's reasoning for turning back time :
tzeLih says:
remember our first kiss?
yin says:
what's with it
tzeLih says:
i'll do better

[p.s: mav n yc dun mind ya. u guys know us la. i still love u guys(mav n yc ^^)]


tzeLih says:
if i can traverse through time
i wouldn't do that
know why?
yin says:
cos it's not possible?
tzeLih says:
you sure you wanna know?
yin says:
ya la
tell lor
tzeLih says:
cuz you are happier now than you were with me

Awww..~ touched! haha. i guess that's why we are best buddies now.
And my reason for turning back time?

yin says:
if i could. i would prevent that relationship from happening. n i did learn stuffs from him. just that. felt like i hurt him more than he hurt me.

[p.s: the one after tl]

haha! and then i got very 'ah-ma-ed'
yin says:
better take good care of her(mav) k! or else. i'll punch u kick u pinch u and nvr let u stand straight again!

Well, if there's ever a chance to turn back time, I would let it be (too).
I'm not sure though.
But I know, things would change and I might not get the ending I want.
I might not be the 'karuU' you guys know now.
I might not be typing this too.

[ i miss my stupid monkey ]

Thursday, August 9


Wahaha! Finals started already.
Will be cramming for the exams these few days.
[and also pms-ing]
Hopefully i will be able to get good grades though. at least b+ laa.. at most a- xD
[internal marks quite low.. TT]

Ts said wanna sing K..
wahahha~ I wanna go~~ but have to concentrate on finals first.
[shout my lungs out!!]

Oh yea. Politics trials was okay. I tried my best but my 'client' still got convicted.
Pictures taken with Dr.Borges. And that was the last class i attended.
No more social sciences and humanities for me!
[ give up on subjects that need my brains to memorize ]

Next week friday i'll be back i guess. then two weeks holidays will start.
i'll have to go exercise everyday and lose some weight before i come back.
and also read HarryPotter7 again.. watch some sitcoms.
enjoy life a little bit. relax a bit.
guess i don't have any plans for the semester break.
not going anywhere. just staying at home.

and... .oh ya.. have to come back early to campus for enrollment.
decided to take statistics instead of World Religion
[told ya i have enough of humanities subjects]

Oh ya.. good news everyone.
Decided to apply for Iowa. But before that, i'll have a lot of stuffs to prepare.
Will go find the contact for TOEFL soon.
next semester i'll have to strive hard for my cgpa.
no more events!
[except for halloween laa xD]

alright. gotta log off and get some sleep.

[ pig-ing away]

Friday, August 3

Back at home! as stressed as ever!

I'm glad to be at home!
Although time's running short and I still have a lot of stuffs jammed up in my head,
I manage to read the Harry Potter & the Deathly Hallows.
[ Borges's trial, FINALS~~ ]
It's a good book. I'm going to read it again.. SLOWLY .. =)
Some pictures of the Installation Night

AUP club

LEO club [girls only wor.. guys disappeared xD]

Alright. Things will be progressing slowly the next few weeks.
I won't have any leisure time to spend blogging [kononnyer la]
'Cause I HAVE to study for my Finals.

Can't wait for the semester break to come..
And then the next semester too.
Will be busy with TOEFL and Halloween celebration next semester I guess..

[ .. and the Seventh Horcrux lives again~~~!!! ]

Sunday, July 22

Busy busy busy.

Went up to KL today for the American Education Fair .
Met Yiling and Uma there.. Pek Yin too!!
Wanted to shop for formal clothes and shoes.
But in the end didn't get to buy the things I wanted.
So, saved the money up!!
[ been using a lot of money laa~ TT ]

Been busy for the past few weeks i guessed.
Had debates meetings and assignments to rush..
Now am taking a break..
cos later got two meetings again..
[ hate meetings!! ]

I'll be having my last event on Tuesday.
Appreciation Night (Leo Club)
I think I'm suppose to be happy to be a part of the committees i guess.
And the Installation Night which costs RM45
Don't know whether I wanna go with the AUP Club or Leo Club.
[ SOB. Money flying away.. ]

Alright. will try to blog as frequently as possible.
Lotsa love.

Thursday, July 12

Life is stressing me out.

It's hard sometimes, to maintain a cheerful, joyous mood with all the due dates sticking to each other so closely like they were meant for each other.
Feeling less confident about myself maybe because there's a lot of burden arising every day.
Could feel the pressure since this week, when some of my things that I planned were messed up, jumbled up and *ARHH SO STRESSED LAA~*

God damnit with the trials; and the debate being one-sided; and the mass communication project still jammed at the beginning with no progress at all; PLUS I haven't study yet for any of my subjects and the Finals is like 4 weeks away?~~~~
OH MY TIAN SHI ARRRHHH~ and i'm here wasting my time away blogging

Have to think of some lame excuse to save the trials; think from some out-of-the-ordinary ideas to win back the debate.

[ give me a break~ ]

Monday, July 9

I miss those days.

The day we went out, each holding a camera..
Snapping pictures of each other..
Doing stupid poses.
Laughing at each other..

I love you all so much..
really miss yx and tl...

[ wanna go jump at the field again? ]

Saturday, July 7

Chocolate factory + Transfomers!!!!

Woke up super early to get ready for Chocolate factory!
Spent around RM50 on chocolates..
A sneak view of the place...

fake chocolates that looks so real...

Picture at the end of the road..

Picture snapped at the corridor..

Kimono at The Mines...

Feeling down??

Transfomers NICE LEH!!

[ i dun wanna gain more weight. ]

Sunday, June 24

Yam-Cha sessions. xD

Just got back from a 6-hours-yam-cha-session.
Had a lot of fun crapping bout the good ol' days and random topics.
Kinda sad that ying didn't tell me that she came back.
But then.. still enjoyed my day with ingy, yen, lL and sinhui.

Anyway, I won't be back this weekends.
Planned to go to KL with BM..

And I wanted to blog about the events.
But I find it a little bit hard..
Cause there's a lot of pictures to upload, and I'm so lazy to wait.

[ i miss them.. ]

Friday, June 15

Crumbled up

Alright, gonna upload a bunch of photos I got from BM's phone yesterday.

The puppy I fell in love with..

Doing the INTER-AUP Skills Challenge banner late at night.

Our footsteps..

Traffic lights at the common area..

Evening sky at INTI

Anyway, I'm suppose to be rushing my moral assignment..
But I'm slacking again..
Have to finish it by 12.30pm.

I'm not going back this weekends.
So I'll just say,
Best buds forever ya~ ^^

[ <3 ya~ ]

Saturday, June 9

I'm Back At HOME!!!!

Weee~ after staying 3 weeks at the campus, I'm finally back at home~~
Alright then, will start talking about the week when we had street party amazing maze.

7 tickets! went there consecutively for 3 days..

Steve(jiagong), a committee of the event, disguised as a ghost!!~

BM got me the (windmill) wahahaha

Street party was on Wednesday.. walked around with nothing much to do..
Couldn't go back to my room cause the dancing stage was right infront of my block, and the music was blasting so loud that night..

On thursday, we had AUP Gathering Night.. We played some games and got to know my juniors.. quite a lively bunch of people!
The next day, I went cloth hunting.. and went for POC3.. Sadly, we had to board on the last train back.. and JX had to fetch us back. then we lingered around till 4am when we had to leave at 8am the next day.


We reached Klang around 9am++ then we rest and waitied for JX's cousin to wake up. Then we went for breakfast.. Had DimSum(RM40++). expensive la weii..

By the way, I got the wrong place. I thought SPCA was at KLANG.. but in the end, it was somewhere near KELANG.. we played the whole night, slept, sang songs and enjoyed ourselves.


We went for a walk on Sunday morning. The Botanical Park.. it's quite big and nice..

When I got back from Klang, I started my job as a member of the publicity team for INTER-AUP Skills Challenge and Golden Lecturer Award.
I spent both sunday and monday nights doing the boards. Then from Tuesday onwards, I was busy doing the banners for GLA. (we did 9 banners)
This is a picture I took with two of the 7 members..

Wanqi and Chin wei. I know i gained weight..

On the 4th of June, I donated blood!!!! Felt a bit tired the first day..

I have to take these pills for 6 days..

By wednesday, I got sick.. I think it's because it's because I was already very tired and I didn't eat my lunch. I went back to my room and slept, by the time I woke up I was already sick..
BM bought me breakfast as I got more sick on Thursday morning.. I ate some pills again to reduce my fever.. By the time I woke up for class, I got a little better.
But then, my fever would come back after some time..
KentLoong came to visit us also.. Was glad to have him around.

Came back home yesterday and went to see the doctor.. Was so tired I slept for 14 hours.
Glad that I'm back at home.. I have a lot to catch up with you all..
But some of you all already left for MMU.. and I'm too sick to go out yesterday..
Anyway, I miss you all a lot..

[ glad that he was there when i need him most ]

Tuesday, June 5

Things dued.

I'll be back this weekends.
Will have to download the latest Heroes, blog about SP and SPCA..
I donated blood!!
Feeling kind of weak.
But am glad I did it.. =)

[ the work of publicity for gla.. never ends.. ]

Sunday, June 3

2nd consecutive week staying back in campus.

So.. from last week (Sunday), i'd been busy with publicity (INTER-AUP skills challenge and also GLA).
Been going to the concourse consecutively for the whole 6 nights just to finish the boards, and banners..
Haven't got enough sleep.
Feel extremely tired, exhausted and sleepy.
Supposed to rest today..
but have to study for tests.. and rush for assignments.
PLUS I haven't get the advertisements Mr.Siva asked us to bring to class tomorrow.

And I haven't contact AhXuan in a long long time.
Plus my friends back in PortDickson.
Have to catch up with them soon.

[ the simplest word is the hardest to say ]

Monday, May 21

Current issues?

Ajit said that I need to write about some current issues.
hahaha.. I haven't read the newspapers for months.

I have no idea what's going on.. except for some occasional stops at Yahoo! News.
I really need to brush up a bit on my readings.

Will start to blog less.. as there's some things going on in Campus.
Monday - Music Club gathering
Tuesday - Publicity group meeting
Wednesday - Street Party
Thursday - AUP Club gathering
Friday - Getting the cloths for GLA + Movies with BM
Saturday - SPCA (1000 word assignment due on 8.6)
Sunday - REST!!!

I will surely take pictures and update whenever I can..
Hopefully I'll be able to cope with the workload..

[ zhuzhu~~~ ]

Wednesday, May 16

Busy bee~!

Alright. Starting off from the first week I was here.
At first I thought the timetable didn't change.. untill KimShun told me there was some changes.
I went to the MPH and sort out my timetable.
Dropped CHM151 for REL200.
BM's birthday came next.
We used up 1 hour ++ planning his birthday. (mostly we were talking crap and drifting off the main topic from time to time xD)
A surprised party.. Slept around 4am again.
Well, attended Mr.Steven's class and really enjoyed it (even with him and the foul language)

Mr.Sivakumar's class was similiarly enjoyable. He's somehow a little sarcastic at time, but still, I really enjoyed his class.
On the first class of REL200, Dr.Renuka said the class might be closed.
SO, I, again, had to find MissD and sort out my timetable again.
Dropped REL200 and took up POL101..
I thought I might regret taking politics... but clearly I was wrong.
I enjoyed Dr.Borges's class again (although I got reminded for eating in class today).
No more Friday's classes (just like last semester)

Went back to PD on Saturday afternoon.
Spent some time with AhXuan and TL again.
Came back to INTI during Sunday afternoon, and went shopping before that. =)

2nd week here is almost the same as any other day.
Usually the things to look forward to is having dinner together with friends
watching dramas with BM.

Already have 3 projects on going for this sem.
GLA, Inter-AUP Skills, and July 4th.
I am looking forward to Street Party 2007. =)

Lecturers are starting to talk about assignments and projects.
I think I'll be volunteering to help out SPCA next weekends since I intend to do a 'soft news' on SPCA as my 1st assignment for COM112.

Random sayings about <3<3>
Jason-roommate said the pig is super-cute!
WanYi & Chloe said we are quite close.
Ahxuan called me XinFu-Xiao-yinyin.. xD
Bear asked me to take care of him (isn't it the other way round?)
Shaun was delighted to hear the news.
Alvin told me he heard about it 2 weeks ago.

[ there's no forever, L-O-V-E doesn't need 'forever' to be proven ]

Wednesday, May 9

Happy 18th birthday!!

Gave BM a surprise today morning(12am).
No more underage!!~ =)
Mm.. no pictures yet.. I will try to get them and post them up. =)
A memorable birthday for BM, i suppose.
Although haven't really got him a birthday present...
(will try to get it as soon as possible yaa~ ^^)

[ heee~ =P ]

Monday, April 30

End of April.

Is the last day of April!
Dang* time passed really fast.
Friends will start to leave for their campus soon.
Some on the 20++ of May, some end of May..
4 more days I'll be back in campus.
Enjoying life I suppose. HAHAHAHA!!! xD

Hmm.. Been spending time reading books + lingering around the house.
I think 80% of my holidays were spent going out with friends and yam-cha sessions.
Planning to go watch Spiderman 3 soon!
Have no idea when though.

Can't wait to go out and have some fun!!


[ wanna go have some fun~~ ]

Sunday, April 29

One thing in common___.1

Our new blog =)
Just finished the layout today.
Long time didn't do layout, skills a bit rusty. =P

A new page to my new starting ^^

[ cheers!! ]

Sunday, April 22

Day out to KL(2) (21.4.2oo7)

I woke up at 7am and took a little shut eye.
By the time I woke up again it was already 7.45am!!
Nearly reached the exam room late..
hmm.. the final paper..
A lot of mixed feelings while completing it.
A mixture of happiness and sadness. (lOlz)
Being happy because it's the last paper and planned to go out and have fun that day.
Being sad because can't see the AUP gang for 2 weeks and will miss the crazy things we did together + Kelvin already finished his last semester here..

Well, Bird + YJ wanted to get their tickets for today to go home to JB.
So they had to go to SB first.
Meantime, me and yc got on the train and headed off to Midvalley first.
Seriously I'm bored of Midvalley already.
Walked there for 1 hour ++ with yc while waiting for Bird + YJ.
Bought tickets for them as well~ =)
2 tickets for Wild Hogs and 2 tickets for Sunshine.
Both movies will start around 4.30pm.
Luckily Bird + YJ reached Midvalley around 4pm++.

While waiting for our turn to buy the tickets, I was getting greedier and greedier.
At first I wanted to watch Sunshine then Letters of Death and then The number 23..
All the while (didn't know how long we waited for our turn to buy the tickets) I kept on changing my mind and yc couldn't take it. =P
At the end I decided to watch Sunshine.
Overall it's an okay movie. I already made an assumption at the beginning of the movie that all the characters would die in the end of the movie..
2 hours suffering in the cinema because the air-con was super cold!!
Luckily got that dirty monkey.

After the movie, we coincidentally met Bird + YJ in front of ROOM (we actually sent a sms to them and asked them met in front of ROOM but the sms only reached Bird after an hour or so).
Hmm.. we walked around Midvalley searching for a present for Bird's Bro.
We saw this cup in one of the souveneir shops, can't remember which though.

G cup? lOlz =P

Then we finally got to eat our dinner.
Decided that we would eat pizza so, DOMINOES~
Ordered Chicken something and Aloha Seafood.
Bird + YJ was super hyper inside Dominoes.
We crapped, played and I freezed.
The whole Midvalley is super colldddd....

We couldn't finish our pizzas and drinks.
In the end, we did more stupid things.. haha ::

Bird drinking from the jug ( and i thought birds have beaks only )

Yc posing for the cam also while drinking from the jug =)

YJ had to drink twice because I didn't get the first shot. =)

Me~ drinking from the jug also. haha!

Bird + YJ make a sweet couple~ =) so cute la the both of them.. *pinch face pinch face*

Around 9pm++ it was time to go back INTI.
Bird got a little bit more crazy and asked us to take picture..
SO ::

Bird + YC molesting the girl in the poster...

Reached INTI around 10pm++
Went back to room and bath, washed some stuffs and then yc called.
I wanted to play chess because I saw the Chess competition in Midvalley yesterday!!!
But then, yc played dota and my burning desire for playing chess that night faded..

Then around 12am++ we watched Final Destination 1..
And then Final Destination 2..
Finally Final Destination 3..
the common area was freezing this morning.. (i was there from 11pm till this morning's 6am ++)
Again.. luckily got that dirty monkey..

Watched Guess till 6am..

Time to sleep.. packed some things..
woke up around 1pm just now..
then 1.40pm mom reached..
came back to PD..

Am gonna miss them soooo muchiieeee~
+ all the other non-AUP friends.. *hugs hugs*

My first sem is indeed fun!!
I learnt a lot of things..
And grew a little bit more mature.. xD

[ another arm to protect the fragile pieces ]
Day out to KL(1) (12.4.2oo7)

This one I went with Ah xuan, YikTing, and Yc.
I promised to go out with AhXuan and I really wanted to go to KL to watch movie. haha!
Even though I had Malaysian studies final examination on Saturday.

We walked around Midvalley.. finding presents.
haha! Bought a girly pin for teng shiong! a crown pin.
Well, kinda lost track of what we did that whole day..
I remembered we went to ROOM in Midvalley.
Here's a few shot there..


Colourful chess set which I feel like owning it!!

DoooOODolls bought by me, ah xuan and yikting~ =)

Then I think we walked around somemore and decided to go to Times Square.
More walking and talking.
Went to Ed&Ed and I bought a t-shirt.
Well, I bought a lot of stuffs.
Spent around Rm250. =P
Then we had lunch after realising that Ahxuan and Yikting couldn't make it to catch a movie with us.
Decided to have lunch at Mr.Ramen!

My drink and muachiiiiiss =) love them so muchie!!!

The logo!!~

And finally a group shot of us at Mr.Ramen

Me and Yc decided to stay at KL a little longer to catch a movie.
So after sending off Ahxuan and Yikting we went back to GSC Midvalley and watched Hannibal Rising at 6.30pm.
Before that, I realised that I left my keys with Ahxuan..
Called ahpek JasonKorkor and asked him whether he could send me back to PD after reaching INTI.

The train had some problems and we finally reached INTI at 1130pm.
Went back to PD straight away to get my keys and had dinner in PD.
Reached INTI around 1am++

A crazy day gone just like that.

[ enjoying my life!! my freedom!! =) ]

Tuesday, April 10

100 things bout me.

001. real name : Karuna
002. nickname: karu and lotsa others that i dont want to name it here.
003. single or taken : semi-single/taken
004. zodiac sign : sagi
005. male or female : female
006. elementary : sjk(c) chung hua.
007. high : STPD
008. college : INTI UC
009. eye color : dark brown
010. hair color : black with patches of dyed brown
011. long or short hair : long
012. shoe size : <5
013. asthma? : got it when i was a kid
014. are you health freak : sometimes..
015. height : 160cm i think.
016. do you have a crush on someone: i like someone and he knows bout it.
017. do you like yourself: of course i do!
018. piercings : 3 (ahaha!)
019. tattoos : none (Dr.Borges said before we get it, think about it for 75 years. LOL)
020. righty or lefty: right!!

022. first surgery : none i think
023. first piercing : 5
024. first best friend : ah xuan ( till now lerh )
025. first movie : Mr Bean's first movie!
026. First sport you joined : running for sports day i think(elementary)!
027. first pet : Curt Cabbage (rabbit)
028. first vacation : Cameron highlands (10 yrs old)
029. first concert : 15 yrs old (as a performer)
030. first crush : the guy who always sit next to me in bus during kindergarden days.. (lOL cant remember.. hah)

049. eating : just finished keropok lekor brought from dining hall.
050. drinking : MIZU(water!)
052. i'm about : to surf around the net.
053. listening to : ANGEL - Sarah McLachlan
055. waiting for : dinner time!
057. wearing : tee and shorts..

058. want kids? : of course!
059. want to get married? : definitely!
060. careers in mind? : freelance journalist/photojournalist.

068. lips or eyes? : lips
069. hugs or kisses : hugs.
070. shorter or taller : taller
072. romantic or spontaneous: a bit of both.
073. stomach or arms : stomach to lie on, arms to lean on!
074. sensitive or loud: sensitive
075. hook-up or relationship: relationship.

078. kissed a stranger : nopz!
080. lost glasses/contacts: nopz!
081. ran away from home : once.. and never again!
082. broken any bones : when i was 7 yrs old.
084. broken someone's heart: yea..
085. been arrested : never in my life!
086. turned someone down : trice to the same guy..
087. cried when someone died : yeah
088. liked a friend : of course!

089. yourself: most of the time
090. miracles : not really...
091. love at first sight : i think it happens once in awhile.
092. heaven : most probably yes.
093. santa claus : nahz.. never ever in my life.
094. fairies : well, i believe in sexy fairy(cheow)
095. kissing on the first date : never happened to me!
096. angels : yes, and they don't necessarily exist in the form of a human being with wings.


097. Is there one or more people you wanna be with right now? : yes.
098. Is Superman really better than Batman? : neither is good!
099. Have you had more than one boyfriend/girlfriend at the same time? : NEVER!

post as 100 truths . (:

Thursday, April 5

Busy week + Finals coming!

I'm glad I finished my mock trials already.
Got my marks for MPW2133 (80/100 x 0.6 = 48)
Then finished my MAT141 test 2.
But I'm sure I won't get high marks for that test 'cause I forgot about the Rational Zeros Theorem.

Going back home this weekend.
But for the next 2 weeks I'll be staying on campus most probably.
Must study hard for the finals to get a minumum CGPA of 3.6 this semester!!
I still got a few semesters to strive hard!!

May intake will be coming soon.
Feel like I want to come back earlier and go to the Orientation for fun.
But this also means that Kelvin will be flying off soon.
Nobody to have lunch with every thursday.
Nobody to sing songs when studying at block N.

Well then, time to log off and blog some other time.
Got to have some rest before I start studying.
Kind of tired after chatting + studying till 2.40am this morning.
(was chatting with yc for most of the time bout the good ol' days. Muahahahah)

[ feeling that i'm getting numb already.. ]

Thursday, March 29

Wild Channel.

Being myself.
Not letting anything holding me back.
So, let me run wild.
Let me run away from your foot steps.
Let me soar to the future i want.
No more restrictions.
No more limitations.
I will reach for my dreams.
I will be myself.

[ it's all about you. ]

Wednesday, March 21

Temporary Tatoos!!

I got another one on my ankle. But the picture just won't upload nicely.

Just did it for fun.
Mom will definitely kill me if I get a real tatoo!!

After I got this tatoo, people started staring at me..
Hmm.. this ain't very extreme.
I wonder why they are so shocked about it.
It's just a TEMPORARY tatoo!!
Attracting attention too.
A girl stared at me when she walked pass me.

[ i just want your.. *attention* ... ]

Saturday, March 17

A dreamer following his dreams.

A dancer following the rhythm. Twisting and moving to the music.

A poet deep in thoughts, composing sentences of memories. Scrunching his eyebrows while looking for the perfect word.

A musician following his emotions. His fingers running through the black and white keyboard expressing his love for his lover.

An artist biting on the paintbrush's end. Dipping it into the colorful palette, painting the white canvas, bringing life to it.

A librarian arranging the books. Smelling the sweet essense of the books, remembering those stories told by his father.

A dreamer, following his dreams. Ignoring the protests, living his life the way he wanted it to be, the way it is suppose to be.

[ are you a dreamer? ]

Sunday, March 11

March 12th!!~

Tomorrow, SPM results will be coming out.
Despite the different news reported from some newspapers,
I'm still going to school tomorrow to take my results. xD

Hoping for 8A's.
Must. Break. Brothers'. Record.

[ will i?? ]

Friday, March 2

December :: beauty??

This straight-up means ur the most good-looking.
Hm.. I don't think so..

Loyal and generous.

That's why i'm still stuck with Xyz.

But I'm not in love with Malaysia

Competitive in everything.
Competitive to the core. =P

Active in games and interactions.
Definitely me.

Impatient and hasty.
Yupz. Have no patience.

But not sure whether i'll meet my high hopes.

Influential in organizations.
this is because i like to see things moving and progressing. that's why i tend to rush everyone with their work.

Fun to be with.
This is true when i'm in a good mood...

Easy to talk to, though hard to understand.
Maybe it's because i think too much.

Thinks far with vision, yet complicated to know.
Philosophy part working again.

Easily influenced by kindness.
'Cause i was so naive back then.

Polite and soft-spoken.
Nahz. I'm not that polite. I'm not soft-spoken.

Having lots of ideas.
But people still don't understand my ideas when i elaborate on them.

Yes i am. I have weak mentality. =P

Active mind.
Active mind? i don't see my brains jumping out of my skull...

Hesitating, tends to delay.
Sometimes. But important things i wont delay.

Choosy and always wants the best.
Who doesn't?

Abstract thoughts.
I never think realistically. haha. hiding in my own dreams and visions.

Loves reality and abstract.
How can i love both at the same time? i love reality more =P

Intelligent and clever.
I'm not. If i am, i wouldn't have failed my physcis test twice back in high school.

Changing personality.
i'm trying to find the right personality for me.

Attractive. sexiest out of everyone.
no. i don't see guys drooling while looking at me. so i'm not.

A real speed demon.
this is definitely 100% true. ahahahha! i hate waiting and being slow.

Has more than one best friend.
true too! xD

I have a tendency to become irritated and angry.. hmm. true true. xD

Quiet, shy and humble.
I'm not quiet, not shy and not humble. Who thinks i'm any of the above?

Honest and loyal.
I know i'm loyal. don't have to say it twice. and i hate being lied to.

Determined to reach goals.
And when i say it. I do it.

Loves freedom.
i value it just like how i value my privacy.

Rebellious when restricted.
so, don't try to tie the ropes on me.

Loves aggressiveness.
somewhat true. haha.

Too sensitive and easily hurt.
i know i know. i have a fragile + weak mentality.

Gets angry really easily but does not show it.
not really easily. i get angry when necessarily and i don't show it.

Dislikes unnecessary things.
if it's unnecessary, what's the point doing it?

Loves making friends but rarely shows it.
hmm.. i'm not a social butterfly. that's all i can say.

hmm.. i'm not sure bout this.

Daring and stubborn.
so, don't play truth or dare with me. i'm daring! =P

Realizing dreams and hopes.
that's what life is for, right?

sharp? at what? well, i get the meaning. but i'm not always sharp. i'm more blur than being sharp.

Loves entertainment and leisure.
who doesn't?

Romantic on the inside not outside.
i'm neither romantic in the insice or outside.

Superstitious and ludicrous.
sorta. i'm open-minded to any believes.

true true. but i'm cutting down on my expenses already.

Tries to learn to showemotions.
i only show my happy + joyous emotions. xD

[ you know i'm such a fool for you ]
Cake-Smashing again.

HapPy birthday VANN!!

Another session of cake-smashing.
brought cream from dining hall all the way to block N to smash it on YC.
ran all the way to dining hall avoiding him.
But in the end, shaun teamed up with him.
*i smashed shaun in the first place xD*

at last, everyone ended up smashing each other with cake.
i came back to block n smelled like chocolate cake.

So, i'll just put up the pictures once i get them.

have a good weekend people!!!

*meeting yvonne tomorrow. =)

[ look into the eyes of the speaker ]

Wednesday, February 28

I'm going nowhere.

Fell down the stairs today and my phone *flew* down the stairs, landed with a loud crash.
I'm feeling extremely tired these few days and it's only WEDNESDAY!!!!

Will have to meet Yvonne this friday.
Should have go tomorrow but Sam got meeting.

I bought BOOKS!!!
Can't wait to finish them.
I think I'll be spending most of my time reading them.
But I will have to do my homework also.

I don't feel like going for dinner.
But then, i'm hungry now.
Been eating sweets to keep my stomach functioning normal since 12pm.

For the next few weeks, I'll be busy with tests, assignments, presentations and meetings.
I can't wait for semester break.
So i can go back.
So i can meet you guys back in Port Dickson.
So i can go yam-cha again.
So i can catch up with you guys.

*life is such a bother.*

[ tell my why your tears are blue ]

Monday, February 26

CNY week!!

Reunion dinner on that day.
Nothing much to say. Just a lot of spring cleaning.
Stuffs like that.

Went up to KL to find grandma.
Met Uncle Edward and Aunt Theresa with Baby JunJie.
Had lunch and spent some quality time with them.

Dad and Baby JunJie.

Rest + sleep + game!!!
another day gone with nothing much.

Visiting day!!!
My friends (around 30++ of them) gathered at my house.
We visited 10 houses, with 6 cars.

that's the whole lot!!
We played, had lunch at KFC, watched tv, chit-chat.
I miss them a lot.
I really do!!!
I wanna go back and have fun with them again.

I spent this day resting and playing games again.
Mostly online but don't know what i did exactly.

Anthony and Dorothy came down to PortDickson to visit me!!!
I met them at 11am.
Then we chit-chat, huiying came too!!! *happy*
Then we went to eat lunch at S&M.
After that we went to Yatch club.
Anthony and Dot were so happy they just jumped into the sea without preparing any extra clothes.
Me and Huiying went and bought 2 pairs of shorts before jumping into the sea.

Ying, Dot and Anthony at Yatch Club.

2 lobsters. SUNBURNT!!!

After that, I went to Huiying's house and stayed there for a night.

Slept at 4am then woke up around 11am.
After lunch she came to PortDickson.
Khoo, KL they all went to SB for movies.
We(Huiying, Ah xuan, Wen en, TL and me) went out for yam-cha session.
Wen en had to go back to SB that night, so she left around 5pm.
I haven't seen her for some time.
I really miss everyone.

After that, Ahxuan spent the night with me.
We watched 3 movies together untill 5am then we slept.
When i was about to close my door, my dad opened his and asked 'going to sleep?'
i said yea.
LOLZ. my dad was waking up!!!

I woke up around 11am.
Then got ready for gathering!!
Online-ed for awhile, chit-chat awhile.
Then i called TL to pick me up.
Ahxuan got sick and couldn't come.
Went to CC for awhile before going to the bungalow.
Then went to the bungalow at 3pm.
We went and bought some stuffs for the party.
Went back to bungalow at4pm.
And everyone started to come.

Buying the things needed.

Bear doing stupid things to TL's car.

BBQ-ing. me in the black shirt xD

Me, Khoo and LingLyee at the mamak stall waiting for roti canais.

We played Cards, PS2 and had a little dancing session that night before going out to buy roti canais.
We(Me, Khoo, LingLyee, TL and Huiying) went to 7-11 to buy some lollipops and panadol.
We met a bunch of our seniors there.
Got bored waiting for the roti canais and the 5 of us started to take picture.

After buying the roti canais, we went back to the bungalow.
Played Mahjong, PS2 and talked talked talked.
Then 5am, we slept.. (I didn't sleep for 24 hrs)
At 5.30am KL's sis called him and wanted to fetch him home.
He went to my room and tried to wake me up.
Obviously he failed to do so.
Then, Eric woke up and helped him to find the keys. xD
Around 8am++ one by one left.
I woke up around 9am.
Packed everything.
Went back home at 10am++.

TL wearing our(Bear, YC, Ahxuan, Huiying, Wen en, me) present.

I miss everyone!!!
I had a great week back at home!!
I really really do miss everyone.
To think that most of us are leaving for different places and how hard it'll be for us to meet again.
I'm getting all emo again.

I miss you all!!
I love you guys!!!!!

[ friends, i love them all the time. =) ]

Wednesday, February 14

Random stupid things.

Next time i'll have to recognise the different cans of pringles on my right hand side and left hand side.
My friend put the dirty pringles(dropped on the floor) on my right hand side, inside the pringles can.
I knew it was dirty.
Damn it.
Without my conscious, i took it and ate it all~~

And then, I slept around 3am this morning.
My alarm rang at 6am. I got up and slept again.
The 2nd time i woke up it was already 7.55am..
and my class starts at 8am.
I changed my clothes, without brushing my teeth, i rushed to class.
For the next 1.5 hours i was suffering like hell.
Felt so uncomfortable.

No more stupid things for me!!!!!

Wednesday, February 7

July 23rd.

The 100th Post.
I remember I started blogging 4 years ago.
Yet not even one blog of mine reached the 100th post ( i think).

From secondary school to university/college life.
From a naive teenager to one who is a little bit more experienced.
From experiencing betrayal to getting drunk.
From falling in love to getting hurt.

What can I say about the days I wrote in these 100 posts?

I'm not sure either.
The meaning of my life.
I'm still in the process of understanding my ownself.

Sunday, February 4


I planned to take a nap this afternoon after changing the layout.
But ended up at this blog that guided me to this blog.

Had the whole afternoon laughing and laughing and constantly smirking.

From Andy(?)'s blog.
ferxt thiing iie wannt tuu puust iish,
sowiee alicia, iie ferrgott abb0ut tuessdaee,
sowiie fOr thE lastt miinute cancell abbOut the gym.
nexxt thiing ishh thatt iiem veh bOred att hOme.
butt iie gOrt fwenns tuu enterrtainn miie.
iiem tryyieing tuu bwee prO att thwis wayye aerf(of) talkiing.
pwissh tryiie aend fewwgure Out whatt iiem shaeyying.
iiem haveeing hElp frOem

iie att hOme owaeyyies pOlay ro lorhhx.
eesh veh siansh de lorhhx.

gOrt One gerrl een ro very teweeibuurr lorhhx.
gO arrOunde fwak here fwah therre lOrhxx.
weallie tewiiebuurr lOrrhx.
totuhllie tewiiebuur.
whardebeuur larhhx. dunnch wann tOk abOut herr larhhx.

iie at hOme nehbewr dO aniithynqq veh siannx.
wiiel rOt untill mOuld cumm Out lerrhx.

ien ro tOk whiff kiiut kiiut gerrllx.
thhey alsho veh siianx.

Okay. I cant continue anymore. f**king hell.
its killing my braincells 100x faster.


OmiGawd. iie spent thhe lastt feww minnutes tyeping thhat crapx oOut.
iiem triiying tu tWit thhiSh uPp as mUchh as iie caNn.
iie haff to bAth sOonx lerrhx.
gOeiNg baCkk campUuss ler soOnx.
piPols piCking miie Upx.
iie haFf tu bwwE puNctuuuaL mArhx.
sTuffs alShO havEn'tt paCk.

I'm suppose to feel lucky that 90% of the Malaysians I know ain't being dragged into this pile of shitty language the singaporeans developed by gaming, flirting and acting cute.
It's so hard to understand what the fwak(twit!) they are talking.
and we had to use up our brain cells to decipher their language.
it's harder than studying anthropology larh.

Saturday, February 3

Chinese New Year!!!!

I love Chinese New Year.
I love the Red Colour!
I love the Red Packets.
I love it when there's alot of food.
I love it because it's the festival to be fat!
I love it because it's time to have fun together!
I love to go out with my friends during this time!
We'll sit at some place for hours talking and talking~~
I love Reunion Dinner with my family!!!
I love having my grandma around. xD


[ i dread listening to chinese stations on the radio.. ]

Friday, February 2

31st Jan and 1st Feb.

Seems like these 2 days were wayyyy too long for me to pass.
On Wednesday, I finished my class at 4pm.

Went for Class representative meeting from 5pm-6pm.

Then I had dinner with Silon and Sam.
Went back to my room and chilled till 7.50pm.
Drums lesson up next!!

At 8.45pm, I left.
And we intended to give Shir Ping
a (surprise) birthday party.
Ha! We did the usual routine.
Then Lawyer ended up playing w
ith the chocolate cake and everyone was mashing up the chocolate cake and rubbing it on other people's face.
And then, yam-cha at Bistro.

Yam-cha at Wong kok untill 3am in the morning...
All I can remember is the strong wind blowing.. freezing..

Then on 1st Feb, woke up at 9am.
Fooled around.

Went and watched Death Note 2 with AK, Shaun, Jason, Ahxuan, WXiang, and Yixin.
Brunch at Kopitiam, Bowling at U-Bowl, DeathNote2, Restoran Johnny(met a stranger who is from INTI also! FATE!!) and back to campus~
After that I did my stuffs.
Messaged Shaun and Jason for dinner(2) cause their friends said that Oasis is a good restaurant and we decided to try it out! ^^
It turned out quite well and I think we'll be visiting it again.

@ U-bowl.

Me with L, Kira and Misa


Yam Milkshake!!!!

Thai Steamboat!!!!

[ did u have fun ther? ]