Sunday, September 16

Spring cleaning~

Weee~ it's almost 5am and I'm gonna spring clean my blog.
Delete this. Delete that.
*donk donk donk*
It's another day gone.

From 167 posts to only 71 posts. hahaha. i did a good job in spring cleaning.
p.s: there might be a possibility i may stop blogging for sometime.
or stop blogging at all here.

Saturday, September 15


Had already started the preparations for Halloween Night.
Just a few hours ago, we started doing the tickets.
A lot of thanks to Shawn, Gregory, Wanyi, Shirping-jie, Michelle-jie, YJ and him for helping out!
We managed to hand-make 200++ tickets. But we still have around 30-40 to go!
I might be a little bit busy these few days.

Timetable quite pack for this month. Having a lot of things to do.. just because it's a short semester.
Anyway, good luck to Ahxuan for her finals~ ^^
And TL.. i know you can do it! You can overcome all those obstacles!!!

I love you guys a lot!!!

Monday, September 10

Week 2

Sigh. So everything is back to the same old boring-tired-stressed days.
I have no mood to write much today.
It's been very tiring, mentally and physically.
I couldn't really understand some feelings that I have lately.
I wish there is something I could do for my parents.
Save them from boredom perhaps? hahahha. =P

anyway, i will be back soon. =)

[ memories, are so sweet sometimes ]