Tuesday, August 28


Remember that day when you sat there alone on the couch, seriously regretting the things you had done.
But then, you remember, people had talked against your opinion, tried their very best to stop you from doing stupid things, yet you shoved them away. You shoved them away like how you crumpled up papers and then throw it in the trashcan. And give the trashcan a kick on the way out.
Oh. I'd been there. Regretting every single bit of my decision.
Regretting those things that I'd done just to make another person happy.
Yes. Yes. I admit my faults.

But you see, those are the stupid things that made my life up. Those are the stupid things that made me grow to who I am now.
Those are the stupid things I gained experience from, learned from and batched myself up to be a better person.
We do these 'stupid things' all along in our lives. We made this mistakes randomly. yes. Randomly.
Like how the rain just suddenly falls when you didn't prepare a umbrella. Or when you turned around the corner you bumped into someone who had a cup of coffee in their hand and it poured right down on you, ruining your new dress that your boyfriend bought for you. It happens randomly.
And it makes you to be more careful so that you will watch where you are going.

oh yea it obvious i'm trying to convince myself that it's all experience. haha. hypocrite.

Sunday, August 26



Monday, August 20


For love we sing, for sickness we cure,
For mistakes we forgive,
For pain, we'll endure,
For future, we continue to live.
For differences, we mustn't jeer,
As long as there's hope,
we'll learn to live with no fear.

2 years ago, out of nowhere, this came out from my mind.
Time to time, problems arise.
No matter how bad it seems to be, i'll always try to think from the bright side.
I still know that there's time to compensate my wrong-doings.
Trying my best, to make a difference.

Saturday, August 18

Too much to say

i have so many things to say..
till i don't really know where to start.
all the emotions jumbled up.
how i wish i can help.
how i wish i am there to help.
how i wish i know how to help..

[ take care ya. don't make mom worry.. ]

Sunday, August 12

Another long day

She sighed. She had her monologue said out loud to herself.
Nobody could hear her anyway.
She peeped out the window and stared outside, wondering how would the day end?
Would he be back tonight?
Or it's another lonesome night.. She wondered, pondered, sighed.
It was good to hear her phone rang. At least he's thinking of her.
Yet, her spirits were already soaked and dampened by the rain today.
She couldn't regain her usual self.
'Okay', 'Oh', was all she could reply in the messages.
She doesn't feel like talking.

She's saved, temporarily by her honey-pie.

And when she got back in her small, cozy room. Her monologues came popping out of nowhere and haunted her day.

It's almost midnight. The seconds ticked away slowly.
She misses him. She needs some encouragement.
Oh. She's grabbing her hair. She's trying her best to study.

She's down, she's tired, she could see her "so-not-me-at-all" face in the mirror.
A call, a reminder of how blur she is from a friend.... and Honey-Pie
saves her day..

[ back to business! ]

Saturday, August 11

They were bored.

She walked across the car park with her friend.
They were laughing and talking all away.
The wind blew and it was a cold morning.
There weren't any stars in the dark blue sky.
Not even a single one.
The only source of light is the piercing lights shining from Bistro.
It's almost dawn.
Yet, they were still laughing and gossiping away.
Suddenly she asked

"eh. 7-11 still open ar?"

[ baka question~ ]

Friday, August 10

If I could turn back time

Haha! Topic discussed with TL.
It's great to have him around during this time.
[ suppose to be studying but he gave me a few things to laugh about! ^^ ]

TL's reasoning for turning back time :
tzeLih says:
remember our first kiss?
yin says:
what's with it
tzeLih says:
i'll do better

[p.s: mav n yc dun mind ya. u guys know us la. i still love u guys(mav n yc ^^)]


tzeLih says:
if i can traverse through time
i wouldn't do that
know why?
yin says:
cos it's not possible?
tzeLih says:
you sure you wanna know?
yin says:
ya la
tell lor
tzeLih says:
cuz you are happier now than you were with me

Awww..~ touched! haha. i guess that's why we are best buddies now.
And my reason for turning back time?

yin says:
if i could. i would prevent that relationship from happening. n i did learn stuffs from him. just that. felt like i hurt him more than he hurt me.

[p.s: the one after tl]

haha! and then i got very 'ah-ma-ed'
yin says:
better take good care of her(mav) k! or else. i'll punch u kick u pinch u and nvr let u stand straight again!

Well, if there's ever a chance to turn back time, I would let it be (too).
I'm not sure though.
But I know, things would change and I might not get the ending I want.
I might not be the 'karuU' you guys know now.
I might not be typing this too.

[ i miss my stupid monkey ]

Thursday, August 9


Wahaha! Finals started already.
Will be cramming for the exams these few days.
[and also pms-ing]
Hopefully i will be able to get good grades though. at least b+ laa.. at most a- xD
[internal marks quite low.. TT]

Ts said wanna sing K..
wahahha~ I wanna go~~ but have to concentrate on finals first.
[shout my lungs out!!]

Oh yea. Politics trials was okay. I tried my best but my 'client' still got convicted.
Pictures taken with Dr.Borges. And that was the last class i attended.
No more social sciences and humanities for me!
[ give up on subjects that need my brains to memorize ]

Next week friday i'll be back i guess. then two weeks holidays will start.
i'll have to go exercise everyday and lose some weight before i come back.
and also read HarryPotter7 again.. watch some sitcoms.
enjoy life a little bit. relax a bit.
guess i don't have any plans for the semester break.
not going anywhere. just staying at home.

and... .oh ya.. have to come back early to campus for enrollment.
decided to take statistics instead of World Religion
[told ya i have enough of humanities subjects]

Oh ya.. good news everyone.
Decided to apply for Iowa. But before that, i'll have a lot of stuffs to prepare.
Will go find the contact for TOEFL soon.
next semester i'll have to strive hard for my cgpa.
no more events!
[except for halloween laa xD]

alright. gotta log off and get some sleep.

[ pig-ing away]

Friday, August 3

Back at home! as stressed as ever!

I'm glad to be at home!
Although time's running short and I still have a lot of stuffs jammed up in my head,
I manage to read the Harry Potter & the Deathly Hallows.
[ Borges's trial, FINALS~~ ]
It's a good book. I'm going to read it again.. SLOWLY .. =)
Some pictures of the Installation Night

AUP club

LEO club [girls only wor.. guys disappeared xD]

Alright. Things will be progressing slowly the next few weeks.
I won't have any leisure time to spend blogging [kononnyer la]
'Cause I HAVE to study for my Finals.

Can't wait for the semester break to come..
And then the next semester too.
Will be busy with TOEFL and Halloween celebration next semester I guess..

[ .. and the Seventh Horcrux lives again~~~!!! ]